Kamagra 100mg

Active component of Kamagra tablet is as Sildenafil citrate, the tablet also contains with various chemical ingredients which prevent the stiffness of the male’s reproductive organ.

Naturally nitric oxide is released in the body when a male has normal erection, the Kamagra working mechanism is that the active component –Sildenafil Citrate makes better the effect of nitric oxide by inhibiting  PDE5 (phosphodiesterase type 5). The release of Nitric Oxide helps to relax the muscles, the mechanism of  PDE-5 inhibitor is its distribution within the arterial wall smooth muscle of the penis, that means selective treatment of penis muscles without having any influence on other areas of the body.

When a person takes Kamagra tablet, which relaxes muscles smoothly and improves the blood inflow into the penis and there is a sexual stimulation, that provides local release of nitric oxide, a person has a normal erection and can have sex. Remember that Kamagra does not work without sexual stimulation.

A male achieves a rigidity in his penis, by help of kamagra 100mg. the effect of the tablet continues for quite a long period. So  a man who has been suffering from erectile dysfunction can experience sexual intimacy as well as totally satisfy his partner.